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SB #96 :: Lisa Fury vs Kyra - "TOTAL DOMINATION" ::


Lisa Fury returns to the Belles, this time to accept the challenge of Kyra. Both blondes are two of the best grapplers in the UK, and this promises to be an exciting back-and-forth contest.

However, some promises in life go unfulfilled…at least this one will, if Lisa has anything to say about it. Anxious to make her return bout an absolute triumph, as well as to send a powerful message to all of the other Euro-Belles, Fury opens up at full throttle, swiftly rendering her opponent helpless and drawing an embarrassed submission from her victim.

But if Kyra thinks the start of a new fall will give her a chance to even the score, she’s rudely proven otherwise as Lisa again goes on the attack, and this time shows her blatant disregard for the rules with hairpulling and choking! Once more, Kyra is reduced to helplessness and quickly driven to surrender the fall.

And so it goes, with Fury going all out to not simply beat her adversary, but to devastate her, thwarting every effort by her fellow blonde to turn the tide of the match. In the course of the action, Lisa takes great joy in taunting Kyra, purring the likes of, “Did that hurt your pretty face?” and “Oh, you submit? But I’m not finished with you yet, darling.”

Lisa Fury fans will not want to miss this one, featuring their woman in full command from first to last!

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SB_96- Lisa Fury vs Kyra by SouthernBellesWrestling