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SB #140 :: Lina vs Lisa Fury


Lina confronts Lisa as she arrives at the gym, saying she's surprised Fury even showed up, since it's clear that Lisa has been trying to hide from her. Lina then smirkingly promises "I'll beat you!" Lisa scoffs at this, and says she'll have Lina tapping out and crying soon enough.

The two blonde beauties meet in the ring, and from the very start of their contest it's obvious that this fight is personal! In the opening minutes they wage a veritable stalemate, with legs being both weapons and targets...in one instance both, as Lisa and Lina punish one another with simultaneous ankle locks!

Both suffer from excruciating holds, but frustration mounts as each manages to turn the tide again and again. The match starts to descend into more of a schoolyard scuffle as first Lina makes Lisa shriek from a wedgie, and Fury retaliates with a bite to her rival's thigh!

Ultimately, after a grueling back-and-forth battle, one blonde manages to snare her adversary in a hold that threatens to cause lasting damage, leaving the victim with no choice but to cry out her submission.

A fantastic amateur Belles match between two of the best. This is not to be missed!

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