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SB #43 :: "TYLER VS TINA II... Watch Out for Tina" ::

Following the events of their initial encounter (#SB40), these two meet up again for a multi-fall rematch! Tina had given the redhead a rousing battle the first time, and now, having gained more grappling experience, she's ready to prove that she can beat her rival once and for all. Of course, Tyler doesn't merely accept all challenges... she relishes them, so this has the makings of another great match!

Right from the start, they both get physical. Tina has clearly learned more about the art of amateur wrestling, but some of her streetfighting past comes out when she uses hairpulling to escape a hold.
As for Tyler, she has never been in better condition, and her entire body is a weapon in this one, particularly her lethal legs, which merciless constrict around her opponent time and again, from vise holds around the ribs, to trapping Tina's head between her thighs. And the raging redhead even uses her adversary's own body against her, as she punishes Tina with a textbook Bow & Arrow hold!

Of course, this is far from a one-sided contest, and Tina puts up a valiant battle. But watching this one unfold, there's no denying that Tyler is on the absolute top of her game!

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