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SB #92 :: Jenna vs Maria / Pippa vs the Winner - "British Belles" ::


A match in two parts. Pippa introduces SB wrestlers Jenna who will face Maria. Pippa announces that the first ten minutes will be between the two and the winner of the match will face her. Pippa has a seat and observes the action.

The match takes place in the mat room at the Wrestling Factory. Maria gets the first submission. Maria has some very strong legs and is determined to show Jenna just how strong they are.

Jenna has the thicker body of the two, but Jenna just can't stay out of Maria's scissor holds. Time and time again Jenna has to submit, and although she gives it all she has Jenna seems to be worn out by the stronger Maria.

One last submission and Pippa steps in around the 10 minute mark and declares that Maria has won the challenge...
So Pippa now say's "Let's see how you do against me". Pippa controls Maria from the start. But soon, Pippa starts getting the same treatment and indeed Pippa finds herself in the python-like grip of Maria's legs. And yes, Pippa does submit!
Pippa is going to have to get serious if she wants to avoid Maria's powerful legs...

Pippa turns things around and does get serious and does give Maria some of her own medicine with her "L'vinn thighs". Maria ends up with a L'vinn grappling lesson. Pippa does gain control of the match once again, but on this day, she congratulates Maria on a good match and says the two will meet again on the mats.
The two shake hands and fans, this will be a match you can look forward to!

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