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SB #58 :: Tyler vs Val - "TYLER RULES" ::


Tyler, as all Southern Belles fans know, has been making a name for herself in a batch of trailblazing matches, showcasing both her beauty and her skill. But a previous opponent, Valerie, wanted to blaze a trail of her own, and couldnít wait to get back on the mat with her. Even Tyler had to admit that the big blonde from Texas was probably stronger than she was, and she gave away about 20 pounds to her in weight. It didnít hurt that Val had moved from Texas to North Carolina, Tylerís home state, though she denied that such was the reason why she moved.

All that mattered was getting back into another brouhaha with Tyler and showing her who was the better woman. This time, anyway. So they did.

Both girls know the pro moves, dealing out scissors, surfboards, toeholds, armlocks, and a whole bunch more. It's a submissions-only painfest, and only the toughest of women could endure what these gals put each other through...multiple times! There's no doubt about the victor in this one, but the real winner will be YOU, after you download it.

Enough time wasted. Go grab it!

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