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As a fan of women's wrestling, sometimes ya want different things. Sometimes ya want crazy flips off the ropes. Sometimes ya want a barely legal street fight disguised as a wrestling match. And sometimes, nothing but a pair of strong lasses pounding the ever-lovin' tar outta one another will do the trick. Well my friends, if that's what you're in the mood for, this match is for you!

The 50th match release of the mighty Southern Belles pits the popular Tyler against newcomer Valerie in a one submission to a finish meat-grinder of a battle that took both ladies to their limits. Though things were actually pretty civil during the initial stare down, once the match got underway, 'Southern Hospitality' was discarded in favor of Stretches, Camel Clutches, Toe Holds, Schoolgirl Pins and Scissors. LOTS of Scissors, to be brutally honest.

Folks trying to pick an early winner are going to find themselves confounded, because nothing comes easy for either woman in this battle. When one grappler finally seizes the advantage toward the end, her opponent refuses to surrender until she's been wrung of every last drop...and even then, the post-match interviews would seem to indicate a rematch is inevitable.

So, why are you still reading the copy? Check out the pictures and when they confirm what I've been telling you for the last few paragraphs, head on down to the link below and add this newest Southern Belles battle to your collection. Trust me when I tell ya, you WON'T be disappointed!

| 26 minutes | 230 megs | 640x480 | 1,300 kbps | WMV format |

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