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SB #11 ::Toughest Challenge:: LeAnne vs Heather

These two college girls are considered the best in the Southern Belles Club. Why? Well, LeAnne is eager and always ready to take on new girls. Heather is just a tough girl who has played lots of sports and will fight at the drop of a hat.

This video is a re-match as the first encounter was a photo/internet pay to view match. This was a very good match and Special Events' cameras caught all the action. LeAnne admitted that Heather was her toughest match so far. So, did she lose?

Even though LeAnne confessed that Heather was her toughest match, the ending of this match just can't be revealed. The two girls work each other over pretty hard. They move around a lot on the mats and the action had to be stopped when they end up off the mat a couple of times.

35 minutes ::: 118 megs

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