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SB #10 :: BRAGGING RIGHTS :: Cecilia vs Kendal

Two new girls hit the mat met to get 'bragging rights' with a win. Kendal wrestles Cecilia and besides being good wrestlers, these two girls are very strong, shapely and sexy!

Kendal is a model and also works in the medical field. She is 5'8" - 125 pounds. Her warm smile soon disappears as Cecilia shows her why wrestling can be tougher than it looks.

These new grapplers tangle and do all they can to protect themselves from being pinned or being made to submit. You will want to watch this video to see who gets the 'bragging rights'.

The video is approximately 35 minutes.

| 34 minutes | 230 megs | 1192 kbps | 640x480 |

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