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SB #39 :: "Hard as Crystal" :: TYLER vs CRYSTAL JACOBS

Tyler is back, looking every inch the wrestling icon in her black suit with gold stars, and the Charlotte native is taking on a new Belle from Augusta, Georgia. At 147 pounds, Baywatch red-suited Crystal has an advantage of a dozen pounds over her more learned opponent, and it's all muscle!

From the opening moments of this submission match, redheaded Tyler tries to take her adversary down for a quick pin to leave her helpless, counting on her experience and speed to establish control of the match. So imagine her surprise when dirty blond-haired Crystal shrugs her off like a rag doll!

The battle goes back and forth between them, as Tyler discovers that not only is her novice opponent incredibly strong and resilient, but she's got a natural talent for grappling. Still, the redhead figures she has the match sewn up when she manages to lock a scissors on Crystal (and Tyler possesses one of the strongest pair of legs in wrestling!) as well as a hammerlock. So it's shocking when Jacobs is able to pull free of the armhold and then pry open her tormentor's legs! Taken aback by this, Tyler hurriedly scampers to the far side of the mat to try and buy herself a few precious moments to catch her breath and figure out how to take this powerhouse down!

The action gets rougher as both beauties literally give this fight everything they have…and then some! They gasp for air as they're pushed to the brink of exhaustion, neither willing to concede an iota to the other. The end finally comes when one woman is able to catch the other in a crushing hold, forcing her victim to tap out or risk serious injury. But even so, the winner claims this victory only by the narrowest of margins.

This is by far one of the toughest matches Tyler has ever had, and Crystal makes such a mightily impressive debut, she's sure to become a fan favorite Belle soon enough!

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