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SB #44 :: "DOMINATING DONNA" Pippa vs Donna ::

More great British Belles action, as two pros step onto the amateur mats to test their grappling skills!

Pippa had heard that Donna had been a champion amateur grappler, so she challenged her to a multi-fall submission match. Well, while the delectable Donna is undeniably skilled as a grappler, she quickly finds that her opponent is not only one of the most talented wrestlers in the pro ring, but also one of the finest amateurs in the British Isles as well.

To her dismay, Donna discovers that L'Vinn uses her entire body to trap and tie-up her opponent... and she imaginatively uses Donna's own body against her as well!? That's not to say the youngster doesn't enjoy the upper hand at all...she wrings a well-earned verbal submission from her adversary for one fall...but ultimately, it's Pippa who dominates this struggle.

The British Belles never fail to entertain, and this match is no exception. Whether you're cheering on Pippa, or rooting for underdog Donna, you'll love this match!

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