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SB #37 :: "We'll Settle This" :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Shelby Beach

It’s Euro-Belle action, featuring two of England’s finest pro wrestlers... who also happen to be champion amateur grapplers as well!

Shelby and Pippa rarely need a good reason to battle it out. But this time, the Brit Blond Bombshell is specifically looking for L'Vinn; Beach wants to avenge Sue Scarlett, who was seriously injured in her amateur match with Pippa several months ago. Shelby is convinced that the wicked brunette intentionally hurt Sue in the hopes of forcing her into retirement forever and eliminating her as a rival. With vengeance on her mind, the blond demands a multi-fall amateur match against her longtime nemesis to uphold the honor of her friend Sue.

And L’Vinn, never one to back down from any challenge, points to the mat room and replies, "Get your arse in there, then!"

Roxi is on hand and is asked to serve as the special referee... which is a ripping good idea, considering the dangerous intensity which these two have battled one another with time and again. She declares that pins will be for the five count, and the smirking Pippa tells Shelby, "Five? I’ll be counting to ten when I get you down. That’ll be easy."

But L’Vinn quickly learns that talking a good fight and waging one can be two entirely different things…particularly as she finds herself crushed in Shelby’s head scissors mere moments into the match! But it’s too early in the contest for either woman to submit to any hold, and that upper hand swings back and forth between them as the two enemies do their level best to accomplish the seeming impossible: Force the other to submit and acknowledge her rival's supremacy!

There’s incredible action here, as these two grapplers punish each other's legs, arms, backs, necks and more! Some of the howls of pain are spine-chilling! Ultimately, it all comes down to a final fall, and neither woman holds back anything!

For those who know just how amazing the Pippa/Shelby pro matches are, you have an idea of how incredible this amateur wrestling bout will be. And for those of you who have yet to experience the mighty fury that is a L’Vinn/Beach encounter, well…prepare to be blown away!

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