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SB #182 :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Raven ::

:: "Blackbirds Test Each Other" ::


Pippa L'Vinn and Raven "Blackbirds Test Each Other" The key to any team's success is to practice, practice, practice! The Blackbirds take this to heart, and when they aren't wrestling other duos, they're on the mats learning new holds and brushing up on old ones. Now for the first time, we're sharing one of their training sessions with the fans!

For this session, perhaps we should have called this video "Breathless", as the primary tactic is smothering your opponent into her submission. Time and again, Pippa and Raven force one another to tap out to a cornucopia of smothering techniques, as hands, feet, bellies, thighs and more are used to cut off precious oxygen and drive the grapplers to submit or risk being driven unconscious!

And while they may be partners, Raven and Pippa are both highly competitive, and they hold nothing back against one another. But if you think this is intense, imagine how fiercely they'll use these holds against future opponents!

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