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SB #58 :: TYLER vs HEATHER STONE - "A-Town Challenge" ::


Beautiful women, athletic bodies, and honey-sweet Southern drawls…that can only mean one thing: the Southern Belles are back in action!

Another newcomer hits the Belles mat, as Heather takes on fan favorite Tyler! Although she’s relatively inexperienced, Heather gives her all in this Best of Three Submissions battle.

Tyler, not surprisingly, manages to take the first fall, but only after some strenuous back-and-forth between the two beauties. And it’s Heather who stuns the veteran in the next fall, forcing proud Tyler to gasp out a submission thanks to the power of the brunette’s thighs!

Neither woman holds anything back in the third and deciding fall. There’s no doubt about it, Ms. Stone gave Tyler the toughest challenge she’s had in a while…but is it enough to topple the vet from the mountaintop? Watch this one and find out!

In addition to the match itself, you’ll be treated to interviews with both Belles prior to and after the bruising battle.

| 22 minutes | 197 megs | 640x480 | 2,000 kbps | WMV format |

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