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SB #113 :: Lia LaBowe vs Frankie Z
"Multi-Fall Mayhem" ::


Blondes may have more fun, but brunettes get it done! And in this case, 'getting it done' means giving their all in a spectacular amateur wrestling match!

There's long history and bad blood between Lia and Frankie, and both were relishing this multi-fall contest to prove once and for all who the better woman is. And to achieve that, they pull out all of the stops, holding nothing back. Each beauty scores falls over her rival, the pair pushing themselves past the point of exhaustion.

Ultimately, one warrior, drawing upon the dregs of her dwindling power, forces her adversary to reluctantly submit the match.

But while the winner happily strikes a victory pose, it's clear that while this battle may be over, the war goes on...!

| 17 minutes | 148 megs | 640x480 | 2,000 kbps | WMV format |

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