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LeAnne vs Katrina

Presenting the very welcomed return of LeAnne! This was supposed to only be an interview
with her, shot at her North Carolina farm. She excitedly talks about how she has several new
girls lined up for what will be the relaunch of the Southern Belles Club, although one
in particular sheís trying to discourage... her cousin, Katrina.

For whatever reason, LeAnne does not want her kin being a Belle.

But, tired of getting the runaround from her cousin, Katrina decides to crash the
interview and demands to be included as a Southern Belle. Angry words between
the two quickly boil over into an impromptu match right there on the ground, as
LeAnne aims to prove to her impetuous cousin that she isnít Belles material,
while Katrina is just as determined to prove that she is.

The fight rages back and forth, and it soon becomes obvious that there are all sorts
of personal issues between the girls coming to the fore.
Eventually, both are so exhausted, an unspoken truce is forged... but the war of
words between them continues unabated, with neither woman willing to concede to
the other. Soon enough, the fight reignites between them, more ferocious than ever!

The battle grows wilder as the two pull no punches... and that includes throwing some hard fists!
Their mutual anger (and personal jealousy) keeps them going long past the point when their
bodies want to succumb to exhaustion. Ultimately, one does drive the other to submit... or,
more precisely, to call off the fight and challenge the other to a rematch soon.

LeAnne is back, as great as ever... and Katrina proves she has what it takes to call
herself a Southern Belle!

No one feuds harder than family, as this match proves! Donít you DARE miss this one!

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