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SB #143 :: SZUSZA vs ORSI


The Eurobells are back, and the action is explosive! Orsi is one of the fastest rising young stars of mat grappling in Europe today, and she knows that the only way to reach the next level is to beat an established veteran. And in Szusza, she faces one of the most skilled wrestlers on the continent!

For her part, Szusza comes into this match brimming with confidence, certain that her less-experienced challenger won't be any real threat. She rapidly learns that such an attitude is a serious mistake, as Orsi comes out blazing! Szusza has to immediately step up her game, and she does manage to take the first fall in this multi-fall contest, but it's no easy matter. And when Orsi is able to take the second fall, things really get intense!

Both grapplers put their legs to brutal use, crushing one another with anaconda-like body and head scissors. There are plenty of other agonizing submission holds in this as well, as the two rivals struggle to conquer each other.

After a long and grueling struggle, one exhausted beauty draws the final submission from her adversary, and proudly places a foot upon the prone body of her rival to strike a victory pose.

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