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SB #186 :: Nikki vs Axa ::



Nikki vs Axa "A Disqualification and No Contest" Few upcoming matches stirred more excitement in the Southern Belles office than the planned contest between Nikki and Axa. Both are two of the best amateur wrestlers in Europe today, and the expectation was that they would engage in a sterling demonstration of world class grappling.

Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa

But what we got was something far wilder and violent...!

It would seem that the two blondes both came into this match having spent a few weeks building up great animosity for each other. It instantly becomes apparent that they actively loathe one another. And pride is on the line, as each woman has convinced herself that she has to absolutely dominate the other in order to prove supremacy.

Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa

However, domination is impossible when the battlers are as skilled as these two, and so what results is struggle that is more or less a stalemate, as each gains submissions from the other in this multi-fall bout. And as the match wears on, their tempers flare.

Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa

Before long, what began as an amateur match takes on elements of a back alley catfight, as the two blondes rip at each other's hair and hiss curses at each other!

Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa

Ultimately, Pippa L'Vinn has to rush in to put a halt to the brawl, for fear that Axa and Nikki were on the verge of doing serious damage to each other! Emotions are running high, and Pippa has to actually get a bit physical to make one of the women leave the gym. The result is a first for the Southern Belles... a double disqualification leading to a "No Contest" decision!

Nikki vs Axa Nikki vs Axa

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