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SB #141 :: Tyler vs Inferno


British spitfire Inferno takes exception to American Tyler coming over to the UK, haughtily declaring she's the better redhead. Tyler begs to differ, and the two wildcats proceed to prove that redheads really do fight harder than anyone else!

Both women are incredibly skilled, and this is a true battle of equals, with the advantage swinging back and forth between them. This is a particularly physical fight, as they twist and tumble across the mat, their mutual contempt growing into genuine animosity with every passing minute.

Both punish and are punished by body vises, figure four headscissors, camel clutches, bow & arrows and more. And as exhaustion saps their strength, they get rougher with hairpulling, chokeholds, and one beauty even briefly facesits her rival! There's plenty of taunting here, particularly when one has the other trapped in schoolgirl pins!

Ultimately, as both wrestlers are pushed to their very limits, the end comes when one must swallow her pride and submit, or else risk serious injury. Of course, forget about good sportswomanship... the victor is more than happy to jeer her fallen foe.

There's definitely no love lost between these two riotous reds!

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