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SB #114 :: Pippa L'Vinn & Raven vs Jenny Badeau & Karolina
"Pin Her Raven, Pin Her!" ::


Amateur tag action returns to the Southern Belles as the Blackbirds, Pippa and Raven, challenge Jenny and Karolina. The challenge was made in part to avenge Raven, who lost to blonde Karolina in a recent singles match (SB #112). Actually, "lost" is too mild a word... in fact, the newcomer thoroughly demolished the more experienced brunette, delivering her a humiliating defeat!

Now Raven is back for revenge, and she's brought along her "big sis", Pippa, to help her get it. But Karolina is hardly helpless, as she has partnered with the highly skilled Jenny. As a result, this promises to be an exciting grappling contest!

That's proven in the opening moments, as Raven and Karolina tear into one another; soon enough, the muscular blonde has a crushing legscissors locked around her rival's waist. When Raven is finally able to escape, she rapidly rushes to her corner to tag in her partner.

L'Vinn is the very picture of confidence as she goes after the youngster... but almost immediately, she too finds herself trapped by Karolina's legs. After she's punished by the steely limbs, she manages to get loose, and she too swiftly exchanges places with her partner!

Despite these initial setbacks, the Blackbirds are simply too good to be held down for long, and soon enough they're punishing their opponents. Raven in particular takes a special delight in torturing Karolina with her scissors. The advantage swings back and forth through three falls of action, as all four women stave off exhaustion.

Finally, after a tremendous struggle, one beauty finds herself pinned to the canvas. Can she break the pin before the count of three? Add this match to your collection to find out!

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