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SB #163 :: Orsi B vs Aisa


Orsi B is back on the EuroBelles mat, here to face Aisa, who is making her Belles debut!

Both women are highly skilled grapplers, and they put their skills to the test by reaching deep into their bags of tricks, and punishing one another with a vast array of holds!

You'll marvel at the technical abilities of these two beauties as they battle through this multi-fall bout, wincing in sympathy pain as Orsi B's steel coil thighs squeeze her opponent's head until she taps out, and sharing the blonde's embarrassment as Aisa puts her down for a pin, and instead of simply stopping at the count of three, she goes all the way to ten, just to show Orsi B how helpless she is!

Two of Europe's best battle it out for you. Don't miss it!

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