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SB #103 :: Antscha vs Raven


Hungarian grappling goddess Antscha returns to Great Britian to challenge Pippa L'Vinn to an amateur bout. However, L'Vinn insists she face her protege, Raven, instead. As Southern Belles fans know, Pippa and Raven (known collectively as the Blackbirds) have recently undertaken an intense training regimen, and L'Vinn is eager to see what her partner can do against a seasoned grappler like Antscha.

And Raven does indeed acquit herself well quite often against the blonde. However, Antscha is without a doubt one of the best amateur wrestlers in Europe, and the newcomer finds herself at the Hungarian's mercy far too often for comfort...either hers, or Pippa's.

As the match roars on, the pro wrestler in L'Vinn can't resist giving her partner a little illegal help, much to Antscha's angry protests. But things quickly spiral from bad to worse for the blonde, as the Blackbirds ignore all pretense of this being an amateur match, and they brutally double-team the Hungarian, punishing her with punches and chokes! This nightmare culminates for Antscha as she is bodily thrown from the gymnasium to the street outside, and left out there as Pippa proudly declares Raven the winner!

This is unlike any other Southern Belles match you've ever witnessed before, and we suspect the fall-out from this will come home to roost in the Blackbirds' nest very, very soon!

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