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SB #82 :: Tyler vs Sasha - "A SCORE TO SETTLE" ::


Blonde Floridian Sasha journeys back up to North Carolina to challenge redheaded
Tyler to a rematch, and the result is a best-three falls confrontation even more
incredible than their first battle!

Right from the very start, these two go at each other with nothing held back! But one
beauty proves herself just a little hungrier than her opponent for victory in these
opening moments, and in a mere two minutes, Sasha has Tyler tapping out from
a choke hold!

The redhead gets her revenge after a grueling second round, evening up the score.
And you’d better believe the grappling is at full intensity for the third and deciding fall!
After an exhaustive struggle, one woman finally manages to force her rival to tap out
and end the match.

This is a fantastic battle between two of the toughest and most skilled ladies in the Southern Belles today!
Both Tyler and Sasha are interviewed prior to their match, and again briefly after the action.

| 17 minutes | 157 megs | 640x480 | 2,000 kbps | WMV format |

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