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The Southern Belles Wrestling Club brings you both the best of the new and the best of the best with this titanic 5 fall bout!

Battling Belle LeAnne is back on the mats, this time taking on a newcomer, Danielle. But while the gorgeous blond may be new to the art of grappling, she’s an accomplished athlete and motorcycle racer…and with a 5’10” and 140 lb. body, she has the physical tools necessary to match the powerful LeAnne blow for blow!

The focus on this one is the legs, both as weapons and as targets. Both women have stunningly powerful scissors, and they inflict them upon one another again and again. Indeed, it’s a bodyscissors that drives one beauty to submit the first fall. However, chastised by the loss, she roars back in round two, and very quickly forces her rival to tap out to a chokehold!

The third fall goes to the young woman who traps her opponent in a painful half-Boston Crab, while the fourth is claimed courtesy of a tendon-wrenching, rib-crushing scissor/hammerlock combo. The count is all tied up as the fifth and final round begins!

And both beauties go for broke in this one, pushing their exhausted bodies to battle on, even as they’re barely able to rise up from their hands and knees. The advantage swings back and forth between them, until finally, one wrestler manages to wrap her python-like legs around the other for a figure 4 headscissors, the relentless pressure threatening to knock out the struggling victim until she finally rasps her surrender.

Two magnificent warriors take it down to the wire in this one, and you won’t want to dare miss it!

| 38 minutes | 286 megs | 640x480 | 2000 kbps | WMV format |

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