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This is perhaps the most personal match Pippa L'Vinn has ever fought, because no opponent has ever humiliated her in a match the way Poison had. Several months ago, Pippa and her Blackbird partner, Raven, took on the duo of Poison and Morgana. It was an incredibly raucous battle, with both teams pushed to their limits. And in the midst of the fast-paced melee, something happened.

The media would dub it a 'wardrobe malfunction'. but that suggests an accident. As far as Pippa is concerned, Poison intentionally tore off her halter top, exposing her! Poison insists it was indeed an accident, and tells L'Vinn "If you actually wore a bikini top that fitted..." it never would have happened. But Pippa will have none of it. She's still seething and seeing blood red, and she intends to make Poison pay for her stunt.

Easier said than done, however. Perhaps Pippa's anger has gotten the better of her, or maybe Poison is truly just that good of a wrestler, but in the match that unfolds, more often as not it's L'Vinn who is on the defensive, and frequently going for the safety of the ropes to escape her adversary's clutches. In particular, Poison makes Pippa suffer again and again with her lethal scissors, whether her steely thighs are wrapped around the veteran's waist or her head. Pippa is nearly reduced to tears by the agonizing crush of her rival's legs, and it appears as if her earlier shame is about to be compounded by losing now.

But Pippa battles back, trading the upper hand with her adversary as this grueling contest grinds on. And of course, Pippa being Pippa, she uses some underhanded tactics, causing Poison to angrily complain, "That's all you can do, you just cheat!" Ultimately, one woman locks an agonizing ankle lock/hammerlock combo on her rival and tearfully forces her to submit. And for good measure, the winner unhooks her beaten foe's top!

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