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SB #22 :: Sweat Session :: LeAnne vs Lani

LeAnne, the uncrowned Queen of the Southern Belles, faces one of her toughest challenges yet! Eighteen year old Lani, at 5'9", one of the few Belles to approach LeAnne's size, is all icy cool Nordic detachment.

Her strategy is to match LeAnne's strength-for-strength and wear the champ down. Nothing gets LeAnne more aggressive than a physical challenge, but against Lani, she finally meets an opponent who can take whatever she dishes out and serve it right back to her!

In moments of desperation, LeAnne even resorts to hairpulling to escape Lani's punishing holds! This incredible match goes to a full three falls, and it's no exaggeration to say that this is one of the toughest challenges LeAnne has ever faced...perhaps even too tough for her!

Approximately 30 minutes in length. 105 megs.

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