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SB #208 :: Eva vs Juicy ::



Juicy makes her Southern Belles debut, taking on the veteran Eva! The green garbed grappler
and the pink clad pixie lock up on the mats for a tremendous contest, replete with all
manner of body-tormenting holds!

Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy

It becomes quickly evident that these two don't like each other very much as they
go to great lengths to inflict the most painful submission holds they can on one another.
Bodies are squeezed, twisted and contorted in ways Nature never intended as Eva and
Juicy unleash a torrent of scissors, toe holds, chokes and so much more!

Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy

These two cute yet cunning combatants battle past their limits of pain and endurance,
until finally one gains the upper hand, and thorough enjoys driving her rival
to tears and into submission!

Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy

This one features outstanding action not only from Eva, but also newcomer
Juicy, whom we're certain will instantly become a favorite of many Belles fans!

Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy Eva vs Juicy

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