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SB #09 :: Favorite One :: LeAnne vs Kelly

Pretty Kelly heard about some of the Club activities and right away wanted to participate. Like many of the wrestlers, Kelly had only a few practice sessions before she wanted to take on popular LeAnne.

The girls are within 10 pounds of each other and knowing Kelly's sports background, Special Events knew this would be an even match for LeAnne (5'9" - 155 lbs).

Kelly (5'9" - 145 lbs.) doesn't say much but lets her upper body power do her talking. She really focuses in on LeAnne in this multi- fall event. Kelly has a new found respect for girls who wrestle. 'It's fun, but can get scary when you think your opponent can physically beat you up and make you give', says Kelly.

How did Kelly do? LeAnne will need to practice to stay ahead of this new Belle! The video is approximately 35 minutes.

35 minutes ::: 100 megs

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