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SB #86 :: PIPPA vs VENUS - "I Can Take It... Can YOU?" ::


Pippa L'Vinn, the Queen of British Wrestling, returns to the Belles mats to showcase her amateur grappling skills. This time, she's squaring off against a new threat... a beautiful newcomer named Venus.

But this isn't a typical bout. Instead, they decide to test one another by subjecting each other to their best holds, to see "who can take it" the best. L'Vinn opens the battle with a headlock, using her tremendous strength to grind away at her opponent, until finally Venus has no choice but to tap out. But then it's the newcomer's turn, and she stuns the veteran with a chokehold that forces the gasping brunette to swiftly submit.

Next, Pippa is supremely confident as she brings her adversary to the floor with a painful full nelson... but much to her surprise, Venus is then able to escape and turn the tables, holding L'Vinn down with a grapevine pin until she finally drives her trapped victim to submit. With a chuckling grin, Venus purrs, “So, not as good as you think, are you?”

Of course, anyone who knows Pippa L'Vinn knows that's just the sort of thing that fires her up, and she takes off the kid gloves by jumping Venus from behind and snaring her in a triangle headscissors!

And thus the contest rages on, with the two women punishing each other with an array of agonizing moves, with a special emphasis on scissors as they two wrestlers use their lethal legs to torture each other.

This very special contest is not only a terrific opportunity to see Pippa and Venus display their vast knowledge of grappling, but also to prove just how incredibly tough and determined these battlers are.

Trust us, you will NOT want to miss this one!

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