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SB #61 :: TYLER vs VEVE LANE - "Power & Destruction"::


This time, it's another North vs South battle as Tyler of the Southern Belles faces what may be her toughest opponent yet: VeVe Lane of New York.

The powerful Yankee comes down to test the North Carolina woman's abilities, and both of them must face each other in a 30-minute, 2-out-of-3 falls, submissions only battle.

VeVe, a pretty blonde in a red suit, is nothing if not well-muscled and experienced --- actually, a little more experienced than Tyler. On top of that, she's coming off a victory against Amazon Annie. But Tyler has her own string of victories, has a bit of weight and height advantage, and doesn't intend to send her foe home a victor.

Both women punish each other with bone-crushing, painful, and groan-producing holds, squeezing, twisting, and bending each other's body and limbs till the other woman cries out in pain repeatedly. VeVe and Tyler push each other to the max in a torturous war that goes all three falls, testing each other to the limits of her endurance. It goes down to the wire in the third fall, with nobody able to predict the outcome before it happens.

There's no need for a hard sell here. Both pretty athletes put each other through the wringer, and no true wrestling fan should be able to live with himself (or herself) without knowing the result.

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