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SB #169 :: Ashley Wildcat vs Zeda Zhang ::

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Both ladies are supremely confident going into this submission match, as both are acknowledged experts at submission grappling. That fact is made very evident very quickly, as the two trade off punishing holds, and the battle is on to see who is the best!

There is some tremendous wrestling action to be found here...not to mention a shocking moment of historic proportions: Ashley is known for her lethal leg scissors, and when she finally managed to clamp her thighs around Zeda's skull, she certain that victory is hers. However, in an astonishing display of power and ability, Zhang manages to actually pry the Wildcat's legs open to break the squeeze! Dumbfounded, Ashley sputters, "No one has ever done that before!"

Seizing the advantage, Zeda goes on the attack, mauling the blonde with such intensity, Ashley snarls, "You're a bully!" This merely elicits a cruel smile from the Asian beauty.

Ultimately, one battler manages to snare her rival in a brutal hold, one that inflicts sheer agony on the victim. The poor girl holds out against the pain longer than most, but her malicious opponent forces her to apologize for having inflicted punishment on her previous in the match, which the hapless wrestler tearfully does, with great reluctance. With the release of the hold, it appears that the match is over...until the cruel-hearted grappler continues to assault her adversary, locking on a sleeperhold, and ignoring the submission taps of her captive foe, until finally the poor girl is driven unconscious!

A spectacular Belles debut by Zeda Zhang, as well as the return of the spectacular Ashley Wildcat! You do not want to miss this!

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