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SB #85 :: ANDREA vs SCARLETT - "Rough & Sexy" ::


Two new ladies hit the Belles mat in this one! You can be forgiven for thinking at first that such beautiful young women can't possibly be skilled grapplers as well... but you'll quickly learn otherwise once this bout gets underway!

And here's something that's entirely new for the Southern Belles as well: This is an Iron Woman Match, meaning that the wrestler who scores the most submissions within the match's 15 minute time limit is the winner. Both women put their wrestling abilities to the test in this one, punishing each other with crushing scissors and painful holds, in what is quite probably the longest fifteen minutes of their lives!

Nothing is as obvious as it first seems in this one...including the wrestlers themselves! Because while you might expect otherwise, it's Andrea who is the redhead, and Scarlett with the raven tresses!

You've come to expect the very finest in women's amateur grappling from the Southern Belles Club, and once again, we do not disappoint!

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