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SB #146 :: Shelby Beach vs Pussy Willow


Shelby Beach might just have a genuine contender for her title of Britain's Blonde Bombshell, as the lovely Pussy Willow dares to challenge the veteran Brit Belle!

The first half of this match belongs to the newcomer, as she shocks and stymies the veteran time and again. Quite simply, the youngster out-wrestles Shelby, which is a feat that has almost never been seen before! Pussy Willow swiftly gains a series of submissions on the mat legend, and it looks as if Beach is going down to a crushing defeat of historic proportions!

But experience and stamina come to the fore at last, and Shelby is able to turn the match around, and now it's the rookie's turn to suffer. But make no mistake about it, Pussy Willow didn't make it easy for her opponent, and Shelby had to struggle every inch of the way to overpower her rival.

A spectacular Southern Belles debut for Pussy Willow, who will clearly be a force to consider in amateur wrestling for a long time to come!

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