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SB #94 :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Jenna - "MY MATCHES WITH JENNA" ::


A Compilation of 3 Matches

There can be no doubt that Pippa L'Vinn is one of the UK's finest pro wrestlers, but she's also quite a skilled amateur style grappler as well. In a brief interview segment, she tells fans that she was asked by Southern Belles to wrestle a newcomer named Jenna, and she did just that in three matches over the course of several months, all of them compiled here.

Speaking of Jenna, L'Vinn has an obvious tone of respect for her abilities... but Pippa, being Pippa, can't resist a boasting dig at her adversary as well, telling viewers, "I think you'll love her... but you'll have to love a loser, because that's exactly what she is when she's against me!" Is this empty braggadocio? The trio of contests to follow will reveal all... .

The first match takes place in a ring, and if you're wondering if newcomer Jenna has what it takes to battle Pippa, then you should know that within seconds of the start of the bout, L'Vinn is moaning in pain from a crushing bodyscissors... and that's just the start of the Mancunian's woes! Pippa really has to push herself if she wants to avoid being utterly dominated by the raven-tressed battler in this opening salvo!

For the second match, L'Vinn cannily blindsides her opponent before she can even remove her ring robe, fiercely intent on making Jenna submit before the youngster can counterattack! But that hope evaporates as Jenna does indeed turn the match around, and it becomes a really struggle for supremacy between the two beauties!

The third and most recent encounter is their most fast-paced yet, as each pulls out all of the stops to defeat the other. One wrestler takes quite a bit of punishment in this one.

Plenty of tap outs, verbal submissions and ten count pins over the course of these three fantastic battles. And while this trio of matches reaffirms Pippa's reputation as a celebrated grappler, they also prove beyond argument that young Jenna is a rising star of the British mat world, and a woman destined for great things. Do NOT miss your chance to watch this epic unfold!

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SB_94 Pippa L'Vinn vs Jenna by SouthernBellesWrestling