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SB #166 :: Jennifer Thomas vs Skylar Rene



The stakes in this one are simple: both Jennifer and Skylar want to be the favorite of SouthernBelles fans, and the only way to do that is to beat the other!

It's entirely possible that there are no two women in the sport today as evenly matched as these two. Not just in terms of power and agility, but in ring style, and they way they plot their strategies. Time and again, one wrestler snares her rival in a hold, only to have the other woman deftly reverse it. Indeed, when it comes to wrestling, it's almost as if they share the same mind.

As you can imagine, this frustrates Jennifer and Desi to no end, as neither can hold control of the match for long. As tempers flare, the tactics get rougher (the ropes are put to devastating use as a weapon more than once!), and emotions flare up to a red-hot intensity of personal animosity!

It should come as no surprise then that one one beauty finally manages to drive her opponent to submit, she can't resist humiliating the beaten girl by forcing her to give up a second time! the loser seethes, "I hate you!"...but that just prompts her adversary to attack her yet again, promising to give her a really good reason to hate her. And she does, as the poor victim is driven unconscious this time!

Trust us, you've never seen this woman this badly devastated by an opponent before...and we're sure she hopes you never will again!

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