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SB #184 :: Orsi B & Nikki vs The Blackbirds ::

:: "TAG TUMULT" ::


Anytime that the Blackbirds (Pippa L'Vinn and Raven) step onto the Southern Belles mats, the action promises to be intense. But in this match, their first-ever encounter with the team of Orsi B and Nikki, things rapidly get downright tumultuous!

Pippa and Orsi are each known far and wide as two of the best grapplers in all of Europe. What this match reveals is just how far Raven has come under the tutelage of L'Vinn, as she proves to be a devastating force in this match. Equally impressive is Nikki, who more than proves she has what it takes to stand with the big Belles!

After an incredibly fast-paced and action-packed contest, things get even wilder as all four women find themselves battling it out in the ring at the same time. The end finally comes when one team Irish whips their rivals, sending them to a senses-stunning mid-ring collision, and leaving the losers ripe for dual pins!

This promises to be one of the most impressive Southern Belles tag matches ever, and you'll definitely want it in your collection!

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