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SB #162 :: Chloe vs Amy


Chloe vs Amy

"It's My Turn to Win!" One almost feels sorry for Chloe. She came into the Southern Belles full of fire, ready to prove herself. Unfortunately. she then suffered three straight loses, to Tyler Aria (#148), Allie Parker (<#152) and Ashley Wildcat (#156). That might have been enough to drive some other women away, but blonde Chloe is determined to get her first victory, no matter what! "It's my turn to win!" she declares.

Her chances look good against her latest opponent, Amy. Although obviously strong and athletic, this is Amy's first-ever wrestling match. Going into the match, Chloe is confident she can take the rookie down.

But things don't go exactly as the blonde may have wished. Although her greater experience serves Chloe well, Amy proves to be a natural at grappling. And her phenomenal endurance allows her to withstand the blonde's crushing scissor holds again and again!

This is a tremendous contest between two determined women. Will Chloe earn a win at last, or will Amy dash those dreams? Add this one to your collection and find out!

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