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SB #161 :: Tyler Dare vs Tomiko


This was going to be a memorable confrontation just for the fact that it's the first time that Tyler and Tomiko have ever faced one another. However, any thought of calling this an amateur grappling match evaporated in the opening moments; what this ought to be called is a beat-down brawl!

We had noticed in recent months that Tyler...normally the sweetest of people outside of the ring...had developed something of a mean streak lately. But we were unprepared for what she did to poor Tomiko in this one!

Exploding like red headed dynamite, Tyler tore into her opponent, unleashing vicious moves and tactics that put the hapless victim on the defensive right from the start, and she never stood a chance after that. The poor brunette is punished mercilessly with holds both legal and otherwise, leaving her dazed, reeling, and more than a little afraid of the wildcat who was demolishing her!

By the end, Tyler could have easily drawn a submission from her adversary, but instead she cruelly chose to knock Tomiko out, and then victory pose over her unmoving body! This wasn't a wrestling match... this was a message sent by Tyler to every other woman in the Southern Belles. As she herself puts it, "Sometimes you've got to be wicked to get your way."

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