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SB #16 :: No Love Lost :: LeAnne vs Kim

Exotic Kim proved to the world that she fears no woman in her previous battle with Mia. Now, the brazen newcomer tries for the golden ring by facing the uncrowned Queen of the Belles, LeAnne.

This amateur match is in a pro ring, and LeAnne at first seems distracted by the confines of the ropes. Kim takes full advantage of LeAnne's uncertainty and surprises her opponent with her strength and skill. But it doesn't take LeAnne long before she is matching Kim hold for hold, and a titanic struggle between two powerful fighters is on!

Kim pulls out all of the stops to score the upset of the year by beating LeAnne, and the Queen has her hands full trying to preserve her long string of unbroken victories. Kim is here... and a new Southern Belles star is born!

The video is approximately 30 minutes.

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