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SB #187 :: Pippa L'Vinn vs Sheena ::



Pippa L'Vinn is attired in an orange swimsuit; it's as bright as the sun... and she looks just as hot! Her opponent, a newcomer to SBWC, Sheena wears a pink/purple costume.

Both wrestler's outfits are complemented by their choice of black wrestling boots.

Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena

Straight from the off both ladies lock up, with Sheena placing Pippa in an effective body scissors. Pippa counters, throwing her rival off and applying a waistlock. The two tumble as Sheena puts Pippa in pain with a powerful right leg lock. Undeterred, Pippa throws Sheena to the mats with a secure hold to the waist.

Both wrestlers grapple for supremacy, with Sheena cleverly surprising Pippa with a leglock to the neck. At this point, Pippa's beautiful, long, shiny hair works as a disadvantage to her, as she is blinded by her mass of locks covering the front of her own face. Sheena seizes the opportunity and twists her down and covers her with her own nimble frame. This hold is brilliantly overthrown as Pippa scissors her adversary, then forcibly pulls the shins of Sheena back onto herself.

Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena

There is no let-up in the action and the pace is relentless! Pippa realises she has a very competitive opponent to contend with but, she seems to prosper rather than wilt and displays all of her experience. This factor, coupled with the fact that Sheena seems unconcerned with Pippa's outstanding reputation, makes for a fascinating encounter.

Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena

The exemplary camera work allows the viewer to witness the action very close, and every strain and grimace are captured in clear, concise detail. Some of the holds used are exceptional, all clean and above board with not a hint of underhand tactics used.

Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena

The outright determination of the ladies to gain victory is to be thoroughly commended. Every limb, be it leg or arm, is used effectively in some of the most wonderfully demonstrated moves ever seen on the mats.

The beauty of this match is its air of unpredictability as eventually one wrestler emerges victorious.

Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena Pippa vs Sheena

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