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SB #38 :: "Sunburned" :: Tyler vs Sunshine

There are few announcements we could make that would generate as much excitment as the one in which we recently unveiled the return of Tyler! Although the spirited redhead wrestled only briefly a few years ago, she made an immediate impact on the fans, and the requests for "More Tyler matches!" have never ceased since.

Yes, she's back now...and in the greatest shape of her life! Fit, feisty, and anxious to get back into the sport she loves, Tyler has come home to the Southern Belles with an open challenge to all competitors. And the first to take up her call is a rough and ready newcomer calling herself Sunshine.

Hailing from Florida, blond Sunshine may lack Tyler's experience, but she's skilled and determined, and she's not about to hold anything back. The two beauties go at it fast and hard, repeatedly taking each other down to the mat and trying to force a submission out of the other. Very quickly, both women are fighting exhaustion as much as each other, their labored breath the evidence of just how hard they're pushing themselves.

Ultimately, one wrestler is taken to her limit and beyond, and with a sob, she taps out and surrenders.

There’s incredible action here, as these two grapplers punish each other's legs, arms, backs, necks and more! Some of the howls of pain are spine-chilling! Ultimately, it all comes down to a final fall, and neither woman holds back anything!

Although this is an amateur-style submission match, it is waged in a ring, with the women wearing pro suits and boots. Each wrestler is interviewed before and after the match.

Yes, Tyler is back...but is her triumphant return halted by Sunshine? Check out this match to find out!

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