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SB #13 :: It's Beth's Fault :: LeAnne vs Mia

Special Events went to see a workout with LeAnne, but found out she had been in a terrible fight with a girl named Beth. LeAnne explained what happened and it was very simple... the two don't like each other!

As LeAnne enters the ring at the Back Alley Gym, she finds that another girl is there. Mia had come to do some exercising and stretches. Everything was cool until Mia told LeAnne that she is a friend of Beth's. After a few words, Mia said she wanted to wrestle LeAnne. LeAnne looked angry that Mia would do this. LeAnne asks, 'Are you sure you want to try this?'

With little experience, Mia was pretty sure of herself. Mia was quick and pretty strong as the two tangled. Perhaps LeAnne was thinking that Beth put Mia up to it... it ended with Mia getting punched a couple of times in the nose, making it bleed. LeAnne told Mia to tell Beth she would wrestle her whenever and where ever she wanted.

This match was reported on in LadySports #22 and in Fighting Females, Summer/98.
The video is approximately 37 minutes.

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