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SB #117 :: Pippa LíVinn vs Zsuzsa
"Zsuzsa Challenges the Best" ::


For true amateur grappling aficionados, this is a dream match come true! For years, Britain's Pippa and Hungary's Zsuzsa have been anxious to face one another, but distance and circumstances have always conspired to prevent it... until now.

As the two women enter the ring, they both are almost giddy with excitement. After all, each has long been celebrated as one of the finest grapplers in all of Europe, so the chance to finally settle the question of who is better is tantalizing to them both. And each wrestler is fully confident that she will emerge as the winner.

What follows is, simply put, one of the finest exhibitions of amateur wrestling you're likely to witness. Zsuzsa and Pippa both give 100%, employing a vast array of holds and moves that serve as a textbook for the sport itself, all in the aim of making her rival submit.

If past truly is prologue, then the storied careers of both of these beautiful athletes have merely been preparation for this titanic struggle, and you dare not miss it!

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