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SB #28 :: Beth Gets Beaten Up :: Leanne vs Beth

These two girls HATE each other, engaging in a personal feud that began long before they became Belles! Their anger was first seen by fans at a live PGWA card, where both were spectators, but they wound up in an impromptu brawl! Now, they finally decide to meet on the mat to settle things once and for all!

Of similar size and of equal intensity in their anger, this starts out as a fairly even contest between the two beautiful, athletic grapplers. However, LeAnne eventually gains control and asserts her dominance, unleashing a torrent of punishment on the despised Beth that will leave anyone who watches it recoiling in fear!

How much does Beth suffer in this battle? Well, not only was her rivalry with LeAnne finally settled, but it was also Beth's final match for the Southern Belles.

For a long time, this incredible display of wrestling dominance remained in the Special Events vaults. But rumors of this match circulated among the fans, and word of LeAnne's stunning victory over her rival helped build her reputation as the 'Queen of the Belles'! The fans have begged us to release this video, and now it at long last sees the light of day.

If you're a fan of one-sided punishment, or a fan of LeAnne, then you simply have to get this one. Match is approximately 30 minutes long. ::: 104 megs

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