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SB #158 :: Baby vs Eva


From across the Irish Sea comes blonde Baby, part of a contingent of daughters of Eire who have ventured to Manchester in order to challenge English wrestlers and prove that Irish battlers are better!

Both Baby and Eva may seem at first glance to be sweet 'Girl Next Door' types, but don't let appearances fool you... they're both tough and ruthless on the mats! As each enters the gym, it's clear from their body language alone that neither is very impressed with the other. But each would quickly learn that underestimating the other was a bad idea!

As they struggle, neither is able to hold the advantage for long. But it becomes increasingly clear that both Eva and Baby are developing a strong dislike for one another. Each laughs menacingly whenever she has the other suffering in a hold. And there's plenty of suffering in this, particularly from crushing scissor holds and thigh-stretching grapevines!

Finally, after an exhausting contest, one beauty manages to snare her rival in a devastating choking headscissors, and delights as she begins to drive the other wrestler into unconsciousness. Unable to escape, the helpless woman taps her submission, and the winner contemptuously "thanks" her opponent for the great match.

Big things come in small packages, and these two petite punishers provide explosive action that you won't want to miss!

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