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SB #178 :: Allie Parker vs Pandora ::

:: "I WON'T QUIT!" ::


Always eager to sharpen her skills across the grappling spectrum, PGWA Champion Allie Parker steps onto the Southern Belles canvas for an amateur match against Pandora, here making her Belles debut.

There's a tremendous amount of back-and-forth action in this one, as the tempo begins with a fast pace, but as the two wrestlers gradually wear each other down, the contest becomes deliberately paced, and much more grueling.

After an incredibly close-fought struggle in which tempers flare, one woman finally manages to make her opponent reluctantly tap with a move that displays impressive raw power...an Elevated Full Nelson!

And the defeated grappler proves to be a sore loser as she refuses to shake the winner's hand, instead glaring at her with a look that promises this rivalry is far from over!

| 16 minutes | 259 megs | 720x406 | 2,100 kbps | DivX |

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