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SB #132 :: RAVEN vs VENOM
"The Girl is Poison:" ::


After a brief intro by Raven and a quick limber up both women lock up. The ladies look stunning; both wearing figure hugging two piece costumes. Raven in a red bra top and matching briefs whereas Venom wears pink.

Raven attempts to establish an early advantage by applying a headlock followed by a wristlock which Venom taps out to. Venom wastes no time in seeking retribution by fixing a leg scissors on her opponent to level the score 2 minutes into the bout. The contest begins to really warm up as both wrestlers get into their stride. Venom attacks again but is countered by the brunette's scissor hold. Even though the ladies both wrestle in quite skimpy outits; their attire in no way inhibits their performance or application of holds and moves. The excellent quality camera work glides around the wrestlers as they entwine together, as each tries to outmanouevre her rival in a series of moves and holds.

The legs and thighs of one wrestler are used to great effect which sets the pattern for the remainder of the match. A very sporting contest concludes with a clear winner however, a spirited loser emerges with her head held high as her tenacity and determination will undoubtedly bring her some victorious battles in the future.

Tremendous amateur action in the Southern Belles style you know and love!

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