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SB #120 :: Raven vs Scorpion
"The Talon and the Stinger" ::


Raven and Scorpion meet for the first time in intense Southern Belles best of three falls action!

Legs are the primary weapons of choice, as both grapplers punish one another repeatedly with crushing scissors. As each possess some of the most powerful gams in amateur grappling, this becomes a high stakes duel indeed!

Pippa L'Vinn enters the gym during the match to cheer Raven on from the sidelines...a breach of grappling etiquette to be sure, but L'Vinn of course has never been one to pay strict attention to the rules.

Fans of Raven will be impressed by how far she's developed. Always a talented fighter, under L'Vinn's tutelage she has emerged as a truly skilled mat technician. And naturally, Pippa has also helped the youngster sharpen her verbal taunting skills, and she delivers her trash talking with an impertinent smile!

The ending is highly controversial, as Pippa attempts to distract Scorpion in an effort to help Raven win. Is she successful?

Add this exciting match to your collection to discover for yourself!

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