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SB #23 :: Women Warriors :: Joelle vs Jennifer

For anyone who says that amateur wrestling is slow and dull, this tape demolishes that myth once and for all!

Southern Belles action! Here's a rare match featuring pro wrestler Delaney Lake in her amateur grappling days, wrestling under her nickname of "Joelle". Both Belles battle it out in a ring, and the action is fast and furious from start to finish!

Now the larger, more powerful Jennifer is cool and calm, obviously confident that she'll easily win this fight; Joelle can barely contain her energy and she literally explodes as she tears into the tall blonde!

This match is important to both girls, because each of them has her eye on challenging LeAnne Dotson, the uncrowned Queen of the Belles. No quarter is asked by either wrestler, and none is given! Approximately 30 minutes in length. 105 megs.

Approximately 30 minutes in length. 110 megs.

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