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SouthernBelles FAQ...


How Long are the videos?
The length of each is noted on the individual video pages. The average is 30 - 35 minutes.

Is the club still active?
You bet! Come back often to check for new videos!

What is the video format?
MicroSoft WMV for maximum compatability. Newer videos can be MP4, MKV or DivX All you need is Windows Media Player. Visit MicroSoft.com to get the latest version. It's also available for Mac. Or use the free VLC Media Player from Videolan.org

Do I need highspeed internet?
Yes. Don't attempt a download with dialup. You can order a DVD here.

What about Web-TV?
Again, no. But you CAN download and view the action if you have the newer MSN-TV and a fast connection!

What if I have a problem?
Don't panic! Just email the Webmaster. There's always a solution! And we're happy to help.

How long do I get to download a video?
2 days. More than sufficient as it should take no more than 20-30 minutes to have the video downloaded and saved to your computer.

Can I burn the videos to a DVD?
Only if you really know what you're doing. To make a personal backup copy you're better off making a data CD or DVD.

Can I watch on my phone?
Yes! For older videos on iPhone you may need VLC Media Player. MP4 format should play on anything.

I have a question not answered here...
Use the 'Contact' link at left to email the webmaster.